Security Assessments

Cyber security is a key factor in the success of any organization.  On top of this, organization security is directly related to the quality and experience of its information security staff.  Knowing this, an organization should have a way to assess their security staff capabilities.

This is where H & A Security Solutions comes in.  We offer remote and on site assessments which provide hands on real world experience on assessment systems.

Measure staff capabilities and efficiency
Provide hands on real world experiences
Instill industry best practice processes in staff
Deliver recommendations for training or gaps discovered

Most of our security assessments revolve around intrusion detection and involve modern attacks ran within a live fire lab.  Your staff then are provided access to common analyst systems such as an IDS, a SIEM, and packet captures to attempt to find the intrusion.

Before each scenario a short presentation is given and then the staff are tasked with solving the scenario.  Answers and data are then provided at the end of each scenario. The end result of each assessment is to provide your organization with actual metrics, recommendations and hands on experience for your staff.  

H & A Security Solutions

H and A Security Solutions’ assessments include detailed scenarios that speak to “real life” situations. We create live fire scenarios in a highly-interactive environment that are relevant for companies. It helps that our assessors have not spent their entire careers teaching. They themselves are IT security professionals which come from a variety of private and public sector backgrounds. We require that our assessors have actual experience in the industry for topics they provide assessments.

The Difference

We pride ourselves in the live fire assessments we provide. These assessments are not canned and mirror real life scenarios in which things might not go as planned. This fact alone separates us from the rest of the market as their assessments cannot deviate from their material. We guarantee our assessments will provide a unique experience no one else can offer.