Managed Services

Managed service quality varies dramatically from business to business.  Let us partner to provide security as a service. Whether you are looking for fully managed services, hybrid management, or simply need help until you are ready to handle the service in house H & A can help.

Traditional vs. Our Approach
Data held by MSSP Data on premise or cloud
Generalized security Custom to your environment
Limited access Full access
Manage one point product Manage SIEM, IPS, firewall, end point, mobile, etc
$$$$$ $$

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands. Our managed services are just the thing to quickly and effectively aid in implementing compliance requirements as well as risk reduction.Managed services are a quick way to implement security. Using external resources provides instant expertise and skill sets.

Unlike other solutions we offer various levels of managed services.

Service Description
Managed We implement, maintain, and manage 100% on your behalf
Hybrid We help implement, maintain, and/or manage. Security solutions may be H & A owned or customer provided

A key offering of H & A is what we call our quickstart program.  Let us come in and assess your current state. Then we will implement a security road map according to your risk tolerance and compliance requirements and help you get to a point where you can manage things in house. Whether you prefer to implement a critical project such as SIEM deployment and then tag off to internal resources or help you with expertise and training H & A can quickstart your security by:

  • Providing managed services until properly staffed in house
  • Provide training so in house staff can take over
  • Lead critical projects where expertise/experience is necessary

We are flexible, highly trained, and only looking for mutually beneficial partnerships.  For more information contact us.


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