About H & A

Who We Are

At H & A Security Solutions, information security is what we live and breath. Supporting your IT Security Lifecycle drives our business, and your infrastructure’s protection is our only priority. We are an expert team of security specialists focused on our enterprise customers. 



Key Services

Consult – We will work with you to review your architecture, processes, and controls.  By doing so, we can help identify where your business is most at risk of cyber threats and attacks.

Implement – Our subject matter experts will work alongside your staff to provision systems or processes to enhance your overall security.

Manage – We take on the daily operations of securing your enterprise. Our team of professionals can assist in managing your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid systems. 

Our Team

H & A Security Solutions is a group of world-class professionals. A majority of our team consists of GIAC GSEs, SANS instructors, and SANS course authors. Our team has over ten years of experience in both the private and government sector. Each member maintains the highest level of security certifications and our lead security professional is a Cyber Guardian for both defense and offense. This achievement is something that only 13 individuals hold worldwide. 


Justin Henderson

Founder & CEO

Justin is a passionate security researcher with over a decade of experience in consulting.  He is a SANS instructor and has had multiple opportunities to work on government contracts specializing in network monitoring systems and incident analysis.  He also has had extensive experience in the healthcare industry.  Justin is the 13th GSE to become both a red and blue SANS Cyber Guardian (less than 20 in the world) and holds over 55 industry certifications. Justin is the SANS course author for SEC555: SIEM with Tactical Analytics and the co-author of SEC455: SIEM Design and Implementation and SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture.

Josh Awalt

Josh Awalt

Chief Operating Officer

Josh has worked in Information Technology for over 12 years. He has worked in both the private and public sector, which has provided him a unique perspective when it comes to Information Technology. A considerable portion of his work experience has been in higher education and the healthcare industry. Driven to improve his skill set he has completed his Master Degree in Information Security and Assurance and currently holds over 25 industry certifications.

Security Researchers and Experts

H & A also maintains a team of security researchers and subject matter experts. Research is based on performing or running modern attacks and malware and studying it. A critical focus is on finding new ways to use intrusion detection and analysis technologies such as IDS or SIEM to provide early detection and remediation. A majority of the techniques that are developed are shared with the security community at no cost.